Miyuki Delica cylinder shape beads are manufactured by MIYUKI of Japan. They are well known for their perfect tubular shape. Their large hole makes them ideal for consistent bead weaving and multiple thread passes.


They are great for Bead weaving, brick stitch, peyote stitch, right angle weave, kumihimo, embellishments, embroidery and much more. Size 11/0 is the most popular among the 4 different sizes of Delica beads. 

There are approximately 175 to 200 beads in one gram of Delica Beads, depending on the color of the bead. 


  •  Measures: 1.6mm (diameter) x 1.5mm with a hole size of 0.8mm.
  • 7.2 gram package or tube
  • Color: Blue Iris Item (DB0002)
  • Great for DIY Jewelry bead work projects such as Brick Stitch, Peyote. Right angle Weave, Embroidery, embellishment and much much more...

Miyuki Delica Glass Seed Beads 11/0 Beads - Blue Iris DB0002

SKU: DB0002
Color: Blue Iris