Medium Delica Beads (DBM) are size 10/0 cylinder beads. They are slightly larger than the original 11/0 Delica Beads, but have the same even and symmetrical appearance. 10/0 Delica beads can be either smooth or six-sided (hex cut), and measure 2.2mm x 1mm with a hole size of 1mm. Count is approximately 108 beads per gram.


  • Cylinder Shaped Glass Beads
  • Size 10/ = 2.2mm diameter x 1mm hole size
  • Color:  Opaque Black (DBM0010)
  • Sold in package or tubes of 7.2 grams 

Miyuki Delica 10/0 Glass Seed Beads - Opaque Black DBM0010

SKU: DBM0010