Miyuki is Japan's oldest seed bead manufacturer. Miyuki seed beads are known for being high quality beads. They are very uniform in size and shape. The holes are larger, than many other brands, allowing for more passes of thread. The Miyuki seed beads work beautifully for bead weaving, beadwork, simple stringing for jewelry and more. 

Opaque (OP) - a solid color that does not transmit light. You cannot see through the glass.

Ceylon  -  Luster coating or inside coloring of opalescent beads

Galvanized - Metal plating on the surface of beads

Silver Lined - clear or colored transparent beads with a silver color lining the inside, a popular variation of metal-lined. This finish reflects light to achieve a very sparkly finish.

AB or Aurora Borealis - an iridescent finish applied to the surface that creates a rainbow effect. 


Several Colors to choose from


Size: 6° 
Diameter: 4mm. 
Shape: Round, Rocaille
Approximate hole size: 1.5mm.
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Miyuki Co, Japan

Miyuki 6/0 Seed Beads 20 grams

SKU: MIY-6-401